Clever Copywriting - Discover the Keys to Your Success
The Average Consumer Hears 5,000 Advertising Messages
a Day. Are They Going to Remember Yours?
If someone told you that a pen and a piece of paper were actually the keys to your business success, would you believe them? Great copy is the great divide between companies whose messages are heard and companies that fade into the background.
SEO Copywriting/Internet Marketing
Today's Internet is encouraging companies to boldly go where no man has gone before...and that new frontier is getting pretty crowded! If your company is getting lost in the shuffle, relax. Grab a glass of champagne. And leave it to me as we discover the keys to your success.
Copywriting for Print
The Internet is a great place to build your reputation, but don't let the fact that you've conquered the final frontier stop you from taking advantage of a customer base a little closer to home. 
Ghostwriting Services

 If you're looking for a ghostwriter to help bring your ideas to life, or simply clean up an existing manuscript, I can help! With 5 books for a wide range of age groups headed to print and over 50 e-books (both fiction and non-fiction) currently in circulation, I've got the tools, experience and knowledge you need to make your next writing project a success.

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